It is clear that the next elections to the Chamber of Deputies will also be a referendum on the Czech Republic’s withdrawal from the EU. It is the only feasible way for citizens to say clearly what they think of the EU without collecting hundreds of thousands of signatures, evaluating (and also falsifying) the results of the referendum.
Jiří Kobza
Jiří Kobza, poslanec (SPD)

By choosing the Eurosceptic movement, they will make this clear. In my opinion, this will be the last chance to express the will of the citizens to leave. Then it will be almost impossible to leave, because the EU is preparing a carefully woven network of measures to prevent this, writes MP Jiří Kobza in a commentary.

The EU is expected to gradually disintegrate on its own, from the pressure of incompetent leadership, decadent movements, immigration and debt. Like dropping tissue full of metastases, it will be very painful and risky. After this whole strange kit of paper cubes of unfair treaties and perverted regulations falls apart on behalf of the EU, it will leave unimaginable debts and moral damage to the nation states. Among other things, in the form of a greatly shaken confidence in any meaningful cooperation on an equal basis between states, which at the time of the EEC or the European Communities (and generally before the adoption of the vassal and colonizing Lisbon Treaty) were quite good and beneficial for all.

The EU leadership probably already knows or suspects all this, instructed from the result of the extraordinary elections in Britain, and so on its own and through its willing and omnipotent henchmen and their parties (in our country, for example Pirates, ODS and Demoblock) conditions that make any centrifugal tendencies leading to Czexit completely impossible. It is primarily a matter of deepening the Czech Republic’s commitments to the EU.
This is to be done in the following ways:
    1. By depriving local companies of the EU of the possibility of using the immediate substitution of “trading” (in my opinion it is more about looting) by large markets outside the EU, which are mainly the USA, Russia, China, India, Iran, etc. Therefore, all activities leading to maximum the destruction of any political ties and friendly relations with these countries. Therefore, so far no one has filed a lawsuit against the reporter Novotný for the support of the movement aimed at the suppression of freedoms, nor against the chairman of the senate Vystrčil for anti-state activities.
    2. The maximum indebtedness of the Czech Republic to the EU and, in addition, its commitment to guarantee the upcoming Eurobonds (European bonds) will make the Czech Republic’s financial obligations non-payable and citizens will have the choice to remain under EU control or state bankruptcy. After all, it would not be the first in the history of the EU – let’s look at the recent past of Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, but also Ireland. It didn’t always have to be a bankruptcy, but a suspension of all private financial transactions, basically the impoverishment of people comparable perhaps only to Zápotocký’s famous “currency reform” from the early 1950s. The difference is that then we were robbed by “ours”, while now they are going to drive us into the abyss of “strangers”. Mainly that they still force the idea of a European brotherhood on us. Well, only maybe in the style of the biblical brothers Abel and Cain. The transformation of the European Union into a debt union is becoming increasingly clear.
    3. In this context, let us not forget the threatening attack of the so-called green fate, which will also be pointlessly more expensive and will significantly reduce industrial production.
    4. Another wave of migration and “relocation” of various unincorporated crowds (see today’s Dijon, Duisburg, etc.) from Germany to the states of Central Europe. Who tweeted to us here five years ago Wirshaffendas, so Can we do it? Apparently she meant that they could destroy us by forcing millions of illegal and uninvited migrants. Mutti Merkel is behind the water, she will soon hand over all functions, she will go to Rügen, where she went to the sun as an FDJ official (since 1978 she has been a member of the FDJ regional leadership, Dederon equivalent of our SSM organization for agitation and propaganda at the Academy of Sciences of the GDR, let’s not forget). Well, the rest of us will stay up to our necks in the catastrophe it caused.

At present, it can also be characterized by a rough race against time, when it comes to whether the EU needs the Czech Republic to use these slave shackles before the Czechs choose a party that will set them free.

In the parliamentary elections in the autumn of 2021, it will really be a lot. About the future of our children and grandchildren. About what life and in what environment we let them live here. None of us will take this responsibility off, and we must ask ourselves whether we want to live to see our children reprimanded us for letting their inheritance be slandered and condemned to permanent indebtedness. Somehow in the EU I am looking in vain for the promised truth and love, rather I find the infinite greed and ruthlessness of banks and corporations.

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