So that’s the highlight. The European Commission and the United Nations intend to investigate Greece over the expulsion of illegal migrants. This news was also broadcast by Czech Television yesterday. Greece allegedly violates the Convention on Human Rights and the Right to Asylum by turning back illegal migrant boats as soon as they cross the border into Greek waters.
Tomio Okamura – SPD

The European Commission and the United Nations were clearly frightened. According to them, you have no right to defend yourself when someone else enters your garden in order to move into your house. You must not even take it back beyond your property. According to EU and UN leadership, anyone who thinks they will be better at your home probably has the right to live in your house. The Greeks think that there is no such right. But the European Union claims the opposite. This explains to us that both the UN and the European Commission completely ignore Turkey’s long-standing military actions against Greece, including the violation of Greek airspace, the smuggling of weapons into Libya and the bombing of Kurdish positions in Iraq. For example, this Tuesday, the Turks bombed and murdered innocent Kurdish civilians in a village near the city of Kobani in northern Syria. The goal of the drone attack was, among other things, a house in which there were three women’s rights activists, members of an organization that strives for the equal status of women, especially in the Islamic Arab world.

According to its charter, the UN is to ensure the preservation of international peace. Instead of resolving serious conflicts, it fights, for example, for a gender-balanced naming of a husband and wife so that it is impossible to distinguish between a man and a woman. Tell me why to support and pay for institutions that take care of gender grammar instead of security and peace. Let them do it, but for their own and, if possible, without us – at least the European Union is once again showing that it is more damaging than it helps.

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